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Little Engine Wines, Membership Terms & Conditions

November 08, 2023

1.0         These terms and conditions are subject to change, without notice. The most current posted version of these terms and conditions applies.

1.1         Membership and program types are outlined as follows:

1.1.1          Proprietor’s Club 6: 2 shipments of 6 bottles annually (grandfathered)
1.1.2          Proprietor’s Club 12: 2 shipments of 12 bottles annually (grandfathered)
1.1.3          Cellar Club 6: 2 shipments of 6 bottles annually (grandfathered)
1.1.4          Cellar Club 12: 2 shipments of 12 bottles annually (grandfathered)
1.1.5          Cellar Club 18: 3 shipments of 6 bottles annually
1.1.6          Little Red 6: 2 shipments of 6 bottles annually (grandfathered)
1.1.7          Little Red 12: 2 shipments of 12 bottles annually (grandfathered)
1.1.8          Little White 6: 2 shipments of 6 bottles annually (grandfathered)
1.1.9          Platinum Member’s Circle: 2 shipments of 6 bottles annually (invite only)
1.1.10          Library Club: 1 shipment of 6 bottle annually in addition to other club membership (invite only)
1.1.11          Unification Program: 12 bottles annually, at a frequency of 1, 2 or 4 shipments.

2.0         Membership is available to residents of the age of majority in their province, in Canada only.

2.1         Memberships are non-transferable and attached to a single account holder only and named spouse for use.  Use outside of these terms may result in cancellation of your membership and privileges.

2.2         All Memberships and programs are perpetual and ongoing until cancelled by the member or program subscriber in accordance with the rules outlined at the time of cancellation or by Little Engine Wines Ltd. (ie. when a member or program subscriber misses more than one shipment).

2.3         Members to all clubs and programs authorize Little Engine Wines Ltd. to charge their credit card for the wines, tax, shipping and administration fees as outlined by their membership or program type.

2.4         Members receive complimentary annual tastings in the amounts listed below.  Tastings are transferrable to others but must be booked by a member, online, in their account.  Tasting fees will not be refunded after their occurrence.

2.4.1      Cellar Club 18 = 6 tastings annually

Unification Program = 2 tastings annually, granted after first purchase

Platinum Member’s Circle = 8 tastings annually

Cellar Club 12, Proprietor’s Club 12, Little Red 12 = 6 tastings annually

Cellar Club 6, Proprietor’s Club 6, Little Red 6, Little White 6 = 4 tastings annually

2.5         Club Members agree to a commitment of 1 year or 3 shipments upon sign-up.  Early cancellations of Wine Club Memberships, including Cellar Club, Proprietor’s Club, Little Red Club and Little White Club are subject to an administration fee which will be charged to the payment details on file.  In the instance that payment details have been removed an invoice will be forward to the contact information provided (net 30 days).  Unification Program subscribers can cancel anytime without penalty.

2.6         Cancellations must be received 30 days prior to the next scheduled shipment or package.  Cancellations are only accepted in writing via email or through the self-serve online option.

2.7         Upon cancellation, all membership and program privileges and benefits including loyalty points are immediately rescinded. Cancellation of a grandfathered membership type does not permit future enrollment in the same club, only current active clubs accepting membership are available to previously cancelled members.

2.8         Loyalty points are earned by Unification Program Subscribers at 1 point for every $20 spent.  Points can be redeemed for up to 80% of a total order value in accordance with provincial regulations.  Loyalty points are forfeited upon cancellations or failure to meet commitment of 12 bottles annually.

2.9         Unification Program is a online, self-serve program only.  Assistance is not provided for changes, cancellations or orders unless in case of a software failure.

3.0         All Wine Club Members including Cellar Club, Proprietor’s Club, Little Red Club, Little White Club and Platinum Member’s Circle are provided a minimum window of at least 10 days to customize their shipment package.

3.1         All correspondence and announcements pertaining to Wine Club Membership and Unification Program Subscribers will be sent via email to the address(es) on file.  Little Engine Wines Ltd. is not responsible for incorrect, defunct addresses or spam/junk filters or firewalls that may block the intended recipient from receiving correspondence.

3.2         Any members who have not customized their package will be charged on the 11th day from the opening of their shipment for the corresponding default selection.

3.3         Little Engine Wines Ltd. is not required to make changes to club or program orders once the shipment has closed and the default package has been processed and charged.  Little Engine Wines Ltd. may at their discretion make these changes if the shipment has not been fulfilled or departed the winery.  These changes are subject to an administration fee of $25.00 per incident.

4.0         Shipping fees are calculated by weight and destination province in accordance with current posted rates from ATS and Canada Post.

4.1         Primary shipping fees are discounted to 50% with the purchase or 12 or more bottles or wine.

4.2         A person of the age of majority in the destination province must be available at the address to sign for the shipment.

4.3         Secondary fees will be charged to the member for; redelivery at $10.00 per attempt, delivery by appointment at $15.00, and redirecting to an alternate address at the full value of the shipping cost.

4.4         Members are responsible to ensure that the shipping information in their account is up to date and correct prior to the processing of their order.

4.5         Orders selected for pick-up will be held for a maximum of 90 days only.  Orders that exceed these 90 days will be shipped to the address on file at the expense of the member.

4.6         Wine products are considered a food product by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and cannot be accepted for return or exchange due to chain of custody regulations.  Little Engine Wines Ltd. accepts returns for only technically faulty wines or damaged products or products received in error.